My expertise ensures that your external representations are in harmony with your internal essence.




Interior Design

Your home should be where you feel most yourself.  My unique approach to designing your space combines your universal style types and signature colours to create an authentic backdrop for your life.


IMage Consulting

How you look can attract the tribe and opportunities that you desire most.  I have been teaching people how to create a cohesive and authentic appearance for over ten years.



I have spoken on the topics of Image, Fashion and Design around the world from Canada to Australia.  My talks are bespoke to the companies and shows that hire me and are always rooted in authenticity.

Each design is created to reflect you and the way you live.

Antonio: A warm monochromatic natural & elegant design


These boards were created for a client who's universal style types were natural,elegant and traditional.  His signature colours were taupe, deep orange and cream.  As you can see below I created a unified home that represents his personality and is harmonious with his physical appearance.



Anna : A Traditional yet relaxed design


Floor plans are essential to ensure flow and livability.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 9.50.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 9.58.25 PM.png

A well organized plan equals a well executed vision.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.48.52 AM.png

People decide who you are in the first 3 seconds. Make sure that they are getting the right message about you.


I have always loved a good makeover since the first time I saw Cinderella transform.  Now as an adult I love being people's fairy Godfather and helping them to look and feel ready to take on anything.  I have been an Image Consultant for over 10 years and have been teaching fashion at colleges for over 6 years. I offer several services such as colour and style type analysis, wardrobe assessments, personal shopping and hair/makeup suggestions.  Knowing how to look your best is a skill, so give yourself the gift of knowledge.   Enjoy some old videos below and please forgive some of the dated images (I have been at this awhile).



The best way to learn and be inspired is through stories.


I have always loved story telling in all its forms.  My favourite way to tell a story is through images, which is why I love to add rich and expressive visuals to all of my talks.  I also have a Bachelor of Education Degree so lesson planning and keeping a rooms attention are skills I am well versed in.  Thanks to my past as a performer I ensure that my talks are not only informative and inspiring but also entertaining.  Please contact me for my topics sheet or to discuss creating a talk unique to your event or company.