Gio has an innate ability to turn abstract ideas into a unique creative vision. He isn’t afraid to take a creative risk and is hard working.
— Lindsay Smith- CEO Massive Media

Vancouver Opera

Letter Opera.png

Vancouver Opera hired Massive Media who hired me as Creative Director to create  a modern and eye catching campaign for the 2017/2018 season.  The VO board wanted to move away from the typical performance shots that they had used in the past and go with something more symbolic and fresh.


We  presented 3 concepts and the board decided on a bold and vibrant color blocking look.  I then created looks with the hair stylist and body painting artist to represent each of the 4 operas of the season.  We hired 4 models and did a full day shoot to get all 4 looks with variations.

Opera 3.png

The client decided that the colour blocking look was a bit too far from what they had done in the past so along with our graphic design team we desaturated all of the colour in the photos and then added sharp pops of orange and yellow which are the brand colours for Vancouver Opera.  The images were used on the website, posters, programs, buses, billboards, street pole flags and in all social media which helped increase revenue by 37% as well as sold 92% of seats and brought in $900 000 in ticket revenue just for Turandot alone.

Bringing Gio Amenta on as creative director for my video really took it to the next level. His creativity and eye for colour really brought everything together. His work ethic and infectious spirit make him a dream to be with on set.
— Madeline Merlo

Madeline Merlo

Madeline cover.png

I was hired by Rami Films to creative direct a music video for country singer Madeline Merlo’s new single Neon Love.  The initial brief was for a roller derby inspired music video but due to budget transformed into a more conceptual piece.  The record label as well as Madeline wanted a tropical feel mixed with neon and a girls' night out feel.

Madeline 2.png

After several meetings and mood and story boards we agreed on the final shots and looks and then it was time to hire the team for a 3 day shoot.  We created 7 sets for the video and corresponding wardrobe, hair and makeup for each. We also rented a vintage car for the shoot. I was on set all three days creating sets, approving all visuals and directing the talent.

We delivered a music video that exceeded the expectations of Madeline and the record label as well as the sponsor Palm Bay.  The video is currently playing across North America on CMT.

From concept to creation Gio impressed us with his vision and execution. It is rare to find such a creative gem who not only delivered stunning visuals but also made everyone involved feel like a rockstar.
— Linsey Skramstad- GM River Rock Casino

River Rock Casino

Boulevard 1.png

Massive Media was asked do a photoshoot for River Rock Casino for an editorial in Boulevard Magazine as well as the cover.  The brief was to use some of the top employees from the casino as our models and shoot in the casino.


I created 3 mood boards and the client ended up choosing one for the cover shoot and another for the editorial inside the magazine.  I hired a team composed of a photographer, stylist, hair and makeup. We did fittings for the casino staff and scouted locations with the Photographer.  We did a full day shoot in 3 different locations in the River Rock Casino VIP area.

Boulevard cs2.png

The photoshoot resulted in multiple usable photos and the client as well as Boulevard Magazine were very impressed with the images.  We went above and beyond expectations and the client hired Massive Media again for another project.

Gio is very artistic and forward thinking. He has a keen sense of what the customer is looking for and effectively communicates in his vision which creates a deep sense of trust. Gio’s vibrant energy and fun nature is a delight to work with.
— Stacey Klyne - GM Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Lookout

Lookout 1.png

The iconic Vancouver lookout needed a new website and promotional materials so they hired Massive Media  to create it. I acted as the creative director on the project. The brief was that the new website needed to feel clean, professional and focus on the people who run and enjoy this tourist mecca.

Lookout 2.png

I created multiple concepts and mood boards and the client chose a combination of the two. Once the mood board and colours were approved we formed a team for the photoshoot and hired a few models.

Van Lookout 3.png

The Vancouver Lookout received a new website and promotional material such as signage and brochures.

Gio has a rare combination of creativity and organization. Gio took our project to the next level and exceeded our expectations.
— Monica Moretto - Director CSR & Sustainability Pan American Silver


uqllu 1.png

I was hired by Pan American Silver to rebrand and create all visual assets for a luxury hand woven alpaca scarf company.  

Pan Am set up workshops in Peru to teach women how to weave and in doing so empower them and their families to thrive.  My job was to tell this story while creating a high end feel.

Uqllu 2.png

I was brought to Peru to meet the women and see the workshops and how they lived.  This trip was truly inspiring and I learned lots about the wonderful Peruvian spirit.  

Several meetings and mood boards later we settled on a new name for the brand as well as the new look and feel.  I went to work hiring the creative team to create all of the visual assets and copy for the website, look book and promotional materials.  I was also hired to design the scarves and be a spokesperson for the brand.

Uqllu 3.png

The new name of the brand was Uqllu named after Mamma Uqllu  who in Inca mythology is the goddess of weaving.

The new campaign was a success and Uqllu sold thousands of scarves across North America and was featured in People Magazine.  

The assets created were the website, look book, banners, social media images and videos, line sheets, labels, price tags, bags and anything else that contains a visual element.  

The success of the first campaign resulted in several more trips to Peru to design and launch the new season of scarves and open up the brand to include housewares. The campaign was such a success for Pan American Silver that it won them an international  social responsibility award.

I felt like Gio looked into my heart and was genuine and careful. His branding and creative direction gave wings to my art.
— Ingrid Mapson

Ingrid Mapson

Letter Ingid.png

Ingrid is a classical crossover singer who needed to brand herself as well as create all the visual assets  for her upcoming album and tour. In addition to creating a traditional brief for Ingrid I also put her through a full image consulting cycle to find out her colors, body type and universal style types.

Ingrid 2.png

I created a color story and mood boards that reflected the essence of Ingrid's personality, physical attributes and music genre.  Once the boards were approved I hired a team to do a photoshoot and build a website along with other promotional materials.


Ingrid received a branding specs sheet, website, album cover and insert, promotional package, promotional video, media package, large stand up banner, new performance and public appearance wardrobe, headshots and social media banners and images.

Gio brought a level of polish and concept to the calendar that we have never had before. We sold out in record time.
— James Docherty- Hall of Flame Calendar Coordinator

Vancouver Firefighter Calendar 2017

Fire 1.png

I was approached to creative direct the widely treasured and anticipated Vancouver Firefighter "Hall Of Flame" Calendar on behalf of  Massive Media. The brief was to come up with a concept that hadn't been used already and would showcase the hunky firefighters in a steamy calendar celebrating the calendar's 30th Anniversary.

Fire 2.png

I created 3 mood boards and the client chose to go with the armageddon concept even though I was really pushing for a pin up style shoot where the firefighters posed with puppies and kittens and bunnies saving them from little burning buildings and trees, a concept that was used by the Australian Firefighter calendar the following year and became the most shared firefighter calendar in history ( the lesson here is listen to your creative director!! Lol ).  I then scouted the location and we did 2 days of shooting. This was perhaps my favourite 2 days of shooting of all time, wink wink.

Fire 3.png

The Vancouver Firefighter "Hall Of Flame" calendar had a successful year of sales and raised $60,000 for local charities in Vancouver.