Shopping with Gio made me feel like a celebrity. I just showed up, tried things on and left with a new wardrobe that looks like a million bucks.
— Emma Lou

An In person makeover is the ideal way for you to ensure that you achieve your image goals with the least amount of effort. I do all the heavy lifting and you just learn and enjoy receiving the star treatment.

Get Off The Blah Train Right Now!

Enough waiting until you lose weight, make more money or when the kids get older.  Taking charge of your appearance is the first step to inviting more joy, success and  love into your life.  

What message are you sending to your spouse, kids, employer, clients, and everyone else around you when you don't value yourself enough to invest in your appearance?

Choose to stand out from the crowd.  Let me style you and teach you how to dress yourself in way that is flattering and sends the appropriate message to everyone you come in contact with.

**If you do not live in the Greater Vancouver Area and can't afford to fly me to where you live click the button below to buy my online makeover.

The In Person Makeover Process

Step 1:  The Face To Face Session (3 Hours)

  • I get to know your goals, likes and dislikes.
  • We discover your signature style type.
  • I confirm your body type and how to dress it.
  • I do a full colour analysis to pinpoint  what colours look best on you.
  • I do a neckline and face shape analysis.
  • We discuss hair and makeup suggestions.
  • I critique a suitcase full of clothes and accessories that you think could carry over into your new wardrobe or that you have questions about.
  • You go home with an image reference guide to remind you of what you learned in our session.

Step 2:  I Pre Shop For You (3 hours)

Based on our face to face session I go out on my own and select clothing from 4 or 5 stores that match your style types and body shape. I will personally choose items that will help you achieve your goals and convey an accurate message about the awesomeness that is you.  The intention of this shopping trip is for you to have at least an 8 piece wardrobe module ( as seen below) that will make at least 40 different outfit combos.

Step 3: We Go Shopping!

You show up like a rock star and simply try on all of the clothes that I selected for you during my pre shop.  As you try things on I will teach you  why I chose certain pieces that work well and also find out why certain pieces don't work.  

Step 4: Buy New Clothes

Once you are done trying on the clothes I selected, you will buy the pieces you love most and leave the mall with at least the foundations of your new wardrobe, if not your entire new wardrobe.  If there are any pieces that we did not find during our shopping trip you can either look for the pieces yourself and send me photos to make sure you are on the right track or hire me for another shopping day.

Step 5: Enjoy All The Compliments!


   Only $1499

*Price in Canadian Dollars and subject to 5% GST