Thanks to Gio I can create perfect outfits in minutes and I have taken my life and career to the next level.
— Kate Franklin
  • Is going through your closet like walking through a field of donkeys hoping a unicorn will appear? (no offence to donkeys)
  • Have you convinced yourself that leggings  with Uggs and an oversized scarf are all the rage in Paris, Milan and New York?
  • Are you tired of pretending you are "just on your way home from Yoga" when you bump into people you know?

Get Off The Blah Train Right Now!

Enough waiting until you lose weightmake more money or when the kids get older.  Taking charge of your appearance is the first step to inviting more joy, success and  love into your life.  

What message are you sending to your spouse, kids, employer, clients, and everyone else around you when you don't value yourself enough to invest in your appearance?

It's time to stand out from the crowd and learn how to dress yourself in ways that are flattering and send the appropriate message to everyone you come in contact with.

Thanks to my online consult you don't need to pay thousands of dollars to take advantage of the skills and expertise of a world renowned Image expert. I want to help as many people as possible get off the "blah train" which is why I have made this makeover so affordable.

I created this online makeover so that you can take advantage of my 10 years experience as an Image Consultant and Stylist no matter where you live.  

** If you live in the Greater Vancouver area click below to check out my in person makeover.

The Online Makeover Process

Step 1:  The "All About You" Session (1.5 Hours)

  • I get to know your goals, likes and dislikes.
  • We find out your signature style type.
  • I confirm your body type and give you tips on how to dress it.
  • I suggest colours that will look best on you (This is not a full colour analysis, that must be done in person).
  • Time permitting I answer any questions you have and review some of your existing wardrobe.

Step 2:  Receive Your Personalized Image Bible

Based on your "All About You" session I will create a package for you that includes the following:

  • A personalized 8 to 12 piece, plus accessories, wardrobe module selection based on your budget.( as seen in the photo) This wardrobe module will be able to be mixed and matched to create at least 40 unique outfits!
  • A suggested list of your best stores, physical and online.
  • A personal image reference guide which includes the info from your "All About You" session.

Step 3: Go Shopping!

Armed with your personalized image bible you will shop online and/or in stores near you and purchase the pieces that I have selected for you, or as close as you can find. This is also the time to buy new makeup and get a new hair do based on my suggestions.

Step 4: The Follow Up

Once you have purchased your module this is your chance to email me any photos of pieces you are unsure about so that I can tell you if they work or not.  This is also a chance for you to ask any questions that came up during this process.

Step 5: Enjoy All The Compliments!


   Only $499 

*Price in Canadian Dollars and subject to 5% GST